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1GB - 30 days 1.000.000 EUR insurance by AXA

GoBackup is the only online backup service to offer you Continuous Data Protection.

You may choose the directories to watch and a backup is done as soon as a file is changed !

brochure (PDF - 322 Kb)


The method we use to secure your data :

  1. Your data is encrypted locally, using the password you choosed during installation of the backup software
  2. The encrypted archives are sent through a secure tunnel to the storage servers
  3. Your data is securely stored on our servers and it is impossible to decrypt them without your password

Encryption technologies :

  • PGP 2048 bits : this is the most secure encryption protocol. Your data is encrypted by your password and a 2048 bits generated key (based on your password). You can choose to have the key stored on our servers or not, which is the most secure encryption method available on the market.
  • AES (Rijndael) 128 bits : very powerful encryption scheme, it has been approved by the NSA (american National Security Agency) to protect the SECRET documents of the US administration.
  • TwoFish : very good encryption scheme, offers about the same security as AES-Rijndael
  • DES : an older encryption technology. The 56 bits keys are now considered as too short to offer enough confidentiality.

Secure tunnel technologies :

  • FTP-S : FTP (File Transfer Protocol) secured by TLS encryption. Very good communication technology.
  • HTTPS : SSL-secured HTTP transfer. The same as you use to communicate with your bank through the web.
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