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1GB - 30 days 1.000.000 EUR insurance by AXA

GoBackup is the only online backup service to offer you Continuous Data Protection.

You may choose the directories to watch and a backup is done as soon as a file is changed !

brochure (PDF - 322 Kb)


The white label partnership allows you to offer your own online backup service, under your own brand.

Our company will provide you with all needed commercial and technical support :

  • commercial training and powerpoints
  • technical training and manuals under your own brand
  • dedicated technical contact to help you solve unusual questions
  • integrated remote support tool
  • brochures and flyers templates to help you create your own
  • your own dedicated primary and secundary backup servers
  • software licences under your own brand for your customers

We want to support you to achieve your sales targets and help you solve the backup issues of your customers.

Contact us today to discuss the terms and begin our cooperation.

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