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GoBackup is the only online backup service to offer you Continuous Data Protection.

You may choose the directories to watch and a backup is done as soon as a file is changed !

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Automatic - you never need to think about backup again

The software will work all by itself. Nothing to do or think about, the backups are done automatically.

Easy install - in a matter of minutes

Very easy very simple to install and to use, the software has an easy to use graphical user interface. A few mouse clicks and everything is done. No need to be a computer professional.

Very strong confidentiality - 2048bits encryption

GoBackup is the only one on the market to secure your data using PGP 2048 bits encryption. This is done before the data leave your computer and the password is never sent to us. This guarantees that nobody else than you can access the content of your files, not even us.

Redundancy - total security against data losses

Your data is backed up on our servers, using RAID system. The data is then duplicated on another server, located in another data center, physically located several miles away from each other.

Compression - pay less thanks to reduced data size

The files are automatically compressed before leaving your machine. This compression gives a better transfer rate and saves you money by minimizing the space you use on the remote servers. Usually, the compression achieves a 3:1 ratio but it may goes up to 20:1 for some data types !

Backup modes - choose the one that fits best

Three backup modes are available : integral, incremental and patch. Incremental means that changed files are sent and you can specify how many versions you want to keep on the servers. Patch mode is a revolutionary technology that allows to only send the modification itself, not the whole file. You save up to 90% on the transfer rate and space !

Versioning - get back in time to recover the version you want

Thanks to incremental and patch modes, you can choose the version of the files you want to restore among the backup sessions. The version from yesterday or 3 months ago, your choice !

Open files - ability to backup data even when the application is working

Our software includes a specific driver for Windows 2000, NT and XP, allowing you to backup open files. You can backup your data files without closing the corresponding application (eg: you can backup your emails without closing Outlook ...).

Templates - quickly pick the needed directories

Many templates are included allowing you to quickly select the files you want to protect. "My documents", "Outlook", "Windows settings" and many more. Even Windows registry is easy to backup and restore.

Continuous Data Protection - immediate backup when a file is changed

Our CDP (Continuous Data Protection) feature allows you to select directories or files to monitor. As soon as a file is changed, a backup is immediately done. This way, you will never loose more than a few minutes work for regularly modified files ! And you are able to recover any version.

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