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1GB - 30 days 1.000.000 EUR insurance by AXA

GoBackup is the only online backup service to offer you Continuous Data Protection.

You may choose the directories to watch and a backup is done as soon as a file is changed !

brochure (PDF - 322 Kb)


You receive detailed reports about what's going on for your customers:

  • email, SMS and fax reports and alerts for customer backups
  • "5 seconds" page to get a complete view of your customer's status
  • detailed web-based information pages to exactly know what happens
  • list of all invoices and uses
  • online statement reports with detailed information

Of course, this also includes the customer alerts and reports already mentioned.

You will always stay in control and know what happens before your customers do.

Contact us today to discuss the terms and begin our cooperation.

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