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1GB - 30 days 1.000.000 EUR insurance by AXA

GoBackup is the only online backup service to offer you Continuous Data Protection.

You may choose the directories to watch and a backup is done as soon as a file is changed !

brochure (PDF - 322 Kb)


The computer data of your customers is critical ! If they loose it, it will at least cost them a lot of time and money to recover or re-create them. And in many cases, it will even be totally impossible.

And as you know usual backup solutions aren't always as effective as they should be, you would like to offer your customers a reliable and simple solution.

We are looking for new resellers, to join our network of more than 100 IT professionals. Our goal is to partner with you, to offer your customers a nice and effective solution to solve, once and for all, their backup issues. Besides the advantages you will bring to your customers, this offer is also very interesting for you ...

The best way to check if this offer is what you are looking for is to use our free 30 days test account. You will be setup in a matter of minutes and you get a complete 30 days test drive to evaluate how our solution fills your needs.


you are able to bring us customers, but you do not want to provide support to the users.


you want to include GoBackup service in your product range and benefit from our marketing help.


you want to propose an online backup service under your own brand.

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