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1GB - 30 days 1.000.000 EUR insurance by AXA

Our online backup service is insured by AXA up to 1 million euros for your data.

With the support of Wallonia Export


Easy and fast installation
Installed and configured in a few mouse clicks - 5 minutes

Total security
Your data is protected in 2 different remote secure locations

Total confidentiality
Your data is encrypted with the strongest algorithms (2048 bits)

Immediate and easy restore
Get back your data 24/24 7/7 and choose the version you want

Monitoring and support
Email, SMS and fax alerts with premium customer support


Click to get more info about how our service would work in your specific case.



As a computer professional, you are looking for a reliable solution for your customers ?

Do not search any further, we provide the best tools to fulfil your needs: easy, secure, powerful and reliable.

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